Case Hardening is a process of hardening ferrous alloys so that the surface layer or case is made substantially harder than the interior or core. The chemical composition of the surface layer is altered during the treatment by the addition of carbon, nitrogen, or both. City Steel Heat Treating provides the most common processes of Carburizing, Carbonitriding, and Gas Nitriding.
Case hardening is a technique in which the metal surface is reinforced by the adding of a fine layer at the top of another metal alloy that is generally more durable. Case hardening steel is normally used to increase the object life. This is particularly significant for the manufacture of machine parts, carbon steel forgings, and carbon steel pinions. Case hardening is also utilized for other applications. Case hardening is also called surface hardening. Case hardening has been in use for many centuries, and was frequently used for producing horseshoes and different kinds of cooking utensils that were subjected to substantial wear and tear. Case hardening is essentially a group of processes that are used to increase the surface hardness to an extent that is higher than that of the bulk material. Case hardening is performed normally locally on the top surface, and for a limited depth. Greater hardness is usually related with better wear and fatigue resistance.
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